List of FLASH deliverables

Deliverable D1.1 Project Management Guidelines

Deliverable D1. 2 Kick-off Meeting Report

Deliverable D1.3 Data Management Plan

Deliverable D2.2 Demonstration of an optimised waveguide or cavity technology design with optical losses below 20 cm–1 for ≤ 10 µm active material operating between 2 and 10 THz

Deliverable D3.2 Report on simulation platform for carrier relaxation dynamics and material gain, experimentally calibrated and validated to be used to feed design tools for QCL optimization

Deliverable D5.2 Report on magneto-transport and electroluminescence measurements

Deliverable D5.3 Demonstration of THz quantum cascade laser based on Ge/SiGe quantum wells between 2 and 10 THz and power ≥1mW

Deliverable D6.1 Project logo and website

Deliverable D6.4 Final Dissemination Report