University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest English speaking university being founded in 1451. The University has 8 Noble Laureates and notable scholars have included William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), James Watt, Joseph Black, William Macquorn Rankine, John Kerr, Robert Stirling, Frederick Soddy, Alexander Robertus Todd, William Ramsey, Adam Smith, Robert Edwards and John Logie Baird. The University is ranked 76th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 62nd in the QS World University Rankings for 2015/2016, teaches around 26,000 students per annum and has a research income of circa £181M per annum. The School of Engineering is the oldest in the U.K. and hosts the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre which is a 1400 m2 cleanroom facility for both the University and the whole of the U.K..

Role in FLASH

Universtiy of Glasgow will lead WP2 and WP3

UGLA will be in charge of:

  • Design, modelling and fabrication of waveguides (WP2)

  • Some THz characterisation (WP3)

  • Fabrication of RTDs, test Ge/SiGe multilayer structures and QCL devices for WP4 and WP5

  • WP3-WP5: band  design and modelling of QCL structures