Montanari et al. discussing "Photoluminescence study of interband transitions in few-layer, pseudomorphic, and strain-unbalanced Ge/GeSi multiple...

First-year partner meeting held in Glasgow on Nov 14th and 15th.


FLASH's coordinator M. De Seta has given an invited talk to the Symposium "Monolithic and heterogeneous integration of advanced materials & devices on...

The second IQCLSW conference poster prize was awarded to Chiara Ciano from Rome III University "Germanium Quantum Wells in the Conduction Band for...

Promising first results presented in a high impact international conference by FLASH cordinator M. De Seta

On May 17th, the FLASH partners met at ETH Zurich to discuss the 6month-advancements of the project.

The FLASH proposal for pump&probe THz spectroscopy has been positively evaluated by the HZDR Scientific Selection Panel

FLASH's researchers will attend the ISTDM-ICSI meeting in Potsdam (Germany)