New FLASH publications

Three new FLASH papers appeared in Physical Review B and Physical Review Materials!

Recently, three new FLASH papers appeared in APS Journals:

  • C. Ciano, L. Persichetti, M. Montanari, L. Di Gaspare,G. Capellini, L. Baldassarre, M. Ortolani, A. Pashkin, M. Helm, S. Winnerl, M. Virgilio, and M. De Seta, "Electron-phonon coupling in n-type Ge two-dimensional systems", Physical Review B 102, 205302 (2020). Available open access at 10.5281/zenodo.4095550.
  • O. Skibitzki, M.H. Zoellner, F. Rovaris, M.A. Schubert, Y. Yamamoto, L. Persichetti, L. Di Gaspare, M. De Seta, R. Gatti, F. Montalenti, G. Capellini, "Reduction of threading dislocation density beyond the saturation limit by optimized reverse grading", Physical Review Materials, 4, 103403 (2020). Available open access at 10.5281/zenodo.4095543.

  • L. Bagolini, M. Montanari, L. Persichetti, L. Di Gaspare,  G. Capellini, M. Ortolani, M. De Seta and M. Virgilio, "Disentangling elastic and inelastic scattering pathways in the intersubband electron dynamics of n-type Ge/SiGe quantum fountains", Physical Review B 101, 245302 (2020). Available open access at 10.5281/zenodo.382476679.