FLASH was part of the European Researchers' Night 2019! Luca Persichetti presenting a poster on our recent advancements and givng a short talk on...

Michele Montanari giving the talk "n-type Ge/SiGe Multi Quantum-Wells for a THz QCL" at the TERAMETANANO conference held in Lecce.

Jérôme Faist giving a talk at the symposium "From semiconductors to quantum technologies", ETHZ Semper Aula, Zurich, Switzerland.

Partner meeting held in Frankfurt Oder/Berlin on May 16th and 17th  2019. 

Michele got his PHD!

All FLASH partners congratulate Michele Montanari for getting his PhD discussing at UNIROMA3!

Grange et al. discussing "Room temperature operation of n-type Ge/SiGe terahertz quantum cascade lasers predicted by non-equilibrium Green’s...

On Jan 16th 2019, the FLASH team gathered in Bruxelles for the first-year Action review meeting.

Ciano et al. discussing "Control of Electron-State Coupling in Asymmetric Ge/Si−GeQuantum Wells".