Jérôme Faist on "Light from Silicon: the intersubband way?"

Jérôme Faist giving a talk at the symposium "From semiconductors to quantum technologies", ETHZ Semper Aula, Zurich, Switzerland.

Jérôme Faist giving the talk "Light from Silicon: the intersubband way?" at the symposium "From semiconductors to quantum technologies", Semper Aula Building, ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland.

Symposium Scope:

For more than 50 years, the traditional approach to increase the performance of integrated circuits made from Si based CMO(S) semiconductors has been to scale down dimensions, so as to reduce power consumption and increase speed. We seem to be however rapidly reaching the end of this path, not only can quantum effects no longer be ignored but in fact begin to dominate.

Quantum Technologies are the answer to this long-expected end of the classical path as it will bring device technology to a superior level of performance, making use of quantum properties and novel architecture for computing, communication, and sensing applications.

There are many attractive systems for the realisation of quantum devices, hosting qubits such as atoms and superconducting circuits. Still, solid state and semiconductor-based solutions appear attractive alternatives, not the least because of their well understood and favourable physical properties.

Here we like to celebrate the physics of these “old” and “new” platforms and highlight in which directions the respective developments in the coming years could take us.

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